Best Pest Control Products

Best Pest Control Products

Summer is upon us, and so too are ants. During the warm months, ants band together in the name of wreaking havoc on our homes and outdoor festivities. Fortunately, there are proactive measures one can take to banish those pesky ants once and for all. Here are some of the top ant control products on the market.

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Ant Killer Liquid Bait

  • Promptly lures ants to the bait
  • Doesn’t leave behind any residue
  • Works on indoor and outdoor ants

Diatomaceous Earth

  • Contains non-toxic elements
  • Contains no odor
  • Affordable
  • Approved by USDA
  • Organic
  • Ideal for large infestations

Ant Killing Gel

  • Easy clean up
  • Kills on contact
  • Excellent for inside and outdoor ants
  • Offers a simple syringe application

Aerosol Ant Spray Killer

  • Kills any type of flying or crawling insect
  • Has a subtle yet pleasant aroma
  • Minimal clean up required
  • Ideal for indoor infestations

DIY Options for Termite and Pest Controls

There is an old saying that there are three types of homes; those that have pests, those that had them, and those that will have them. While having pests in your home is inevitable, there are several DIY solutions that can help to minimize their presence in your home and reduce their impact when detected.

The best way to eliminate pests such as ants and termites is to Keep a clean home with secured entrance ways and solid siding and foundation without cracks in it. Even so, ants and other pests can enter your house and set up breeding colonies.

One way to decrease the frequency of these attacks is to use poison plugs would you bury in a perimeter around your home. The ants and termites, in addition to other pests, will be attracted to the scent of these devices and will consume the poison and bring it back to their colonies infiltrating there queen and other inhabitants. Please plugs are more effective than the spray poisons that are used and which can often be washed away quickly by rain. Areas like decks and patios can Be treated with traps and applied levels of poison. However you have to be careful if you have children or animals in your home.

Sometimes the solutions are in enough and you will have to hire an exterminator particularly when extensive breeding colony appear in your home. In these situations choose a qualified exterminator who is local and has experience with the type of pests invading your home